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Asking For A Discount

Asking For A Discount


Asking for a discount when thrifting used to be the most embarrassing experience for me but now it just comes with the territory. People need to keep in mind that thrift stores are getting their clothes for free via donations, consignment shops are marking their prices up at least 50% over what they payed for the item, and flea markets do a little of both. With that in mind, just be reasonable with that you want to pay for an item. When I go into goodwill and an undamaged dress is selling for five dollars, then I will pay what they are asking, but broken zippers, missing buttons, stains or holes is worth asking for a percentage off.


I got this dress at a unique shop a few streets down from my house that specializes in used furniture and clothing from the 50's, 60's and 70's.. As you can imagine specialty shops come with a higher price tag because someone put the time into scouring other thrift shops and hand selecting the most appropriate pieces for their store, so expect to pay a higher price than you would at a donation run center. 


The colors of this dress caught my eye the second I walked past the rack and I had to take a closer look. There were no stains or obvious issues, fit exactly how it should, and was 100% my style, the only issue with this dress was the price tag and a zipper defect that was within my skill set to repair. With a price tag of 30$ it was much more expensive than what I typically spend on my used clothing, but I could not see myself leaving without it.. 

So after a little explaining at the counter, a discount was given with no hesitation. I ended up receiving 25% off, which was more than fair considering I was able to fix the zipper in less than 10 minuets. A happy dance followed shortly after leaving.


I styled my new mid century dress with these fluffy earrings I found on Amazon a few years ago. I posted the link below, I got all three pairs (black, pink,and white) for about 12$. My mom absolutely loathes when I wear these earrings because they "draw attention", but I find a way to pair them with as many outfits as possible. I have received a countless amount of compliments on them, and they are just so much fun to wear around. 




Upcycled Denim Wreath

Upcycled Denim Wreath