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It is strongly encouraged to have at least two glasses of wine while getting inspired for your next creative project. I swear by it.

Relaxed Thrifted Outfit

Relaxed Thrifted Outfit


This outfit is part thrifted and part hand-me-down, but is fully comfortable.

My husband and I spent the day riding our bikes around Cleveland, making stops at a restaurant and local brewery. I wanted to look cute for when we made our social stops, but comfortable enough to not complain the entire 10 miles that we rode.

Disclaimer: I still complained a little, it's in my blood.


My style has changed so much over the years, but I've found myself to be happiest when I am wearing clothing with a slight retro or vintage flair. From time to time I can go overboard and it can look a little bit like a costume, but for this relaxed spring look, I felt i mixed retro and modern perfectly.

The two thrifted pieces of this outfit are my shirt and these wonderful jeans. I got the shirt at my local goodwill with the beautiful pink tag,  so it cost me only one dollhair. The jeans are from a consignment shop by my house. They were listed for 10$ but I traded in some clothes that didn't fit anymore and got these Flying Monkey jeans for free. I usually like my jeans to be high-rise, but the color and feel of these jeans were exactly what I was looking for. I'm not sure if the previous owner wore these babies in or if they were designed to be so soft, but either way, these are the most comfortable jeans I've ever rode a bike in.


The other pieces of my outfit are the wonderful gifts of friends and family giving me their hand-me-downs. The lace cover was my mom's, but to be honest, I'm not sure if this was given to me or if I stole it... Oops! The shoes were given to me by a friend who told me they were a little too snug on her. They were practially brand new Vans and they fit me perfectly!


Whenever I go somewhere and the food, drinks, or service is amazing, I feel inclined to let people know about it, so here it is:

On our adventure we stopped at Terrestrial Brewing Company in Cleveland. It's bike friendly and dog friendly (our two favorite things) so we automatically loved it. The beer was delicious and the staff was super helpful in helping me decide which to get (I'm indecisive). I hate when I go to a bar and the music or TV is playing so loud that I can't hear people talk, but the atmosphere here made it a great place for groups, a date or even just with a friend


Shout out to my husband for not complaining when I ask him to take my picture. I only get the stink face when I point the camera in his direction.

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