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It is strongly encouraged to have at least two glasses of wine while getting inspired for your next creative project. I swear by it.

Styled Gingham Dress

Styled Gingham Dress


When I saw this Gingham dress at goodwill I was jumping for joy! I love thrift stores because it takes a lot of creativity to make off-trend outfits trendy again. However, once in awhile you find a vintage gem that has already made its way back to into the magazines allowing you to snatch up an in-style garment on the cheap that can be worn with no extra effort.


When I tried this dress on in the dressing room I was slightly disappointed that it was a size or two too big, but after seeing that the dress was mostly made of cotton I knew that I could potentially shrink it down to size with no sewing or tailoring required. I made sure to wash the dress in warm water and tumble dry. The results left me with a perfect fitting dress with no effort required. Best part is that it only cost me five bucks!


Styling this dress I wanted to add some color... and apparently I am a big fan of lilac this season! I found these shoes at DSW with the glorious yellow tag (70% off) So I got these velvet babies for 12$. I can honestly tell you that there has only been one pair of shoes that I have ever paid more than 40$ for and they were for my wedding. I wear scrubs 90% of the time, so spending tons of money on items I'll rarely get to wear is out of the question. 


When it comes to crafting, I don't stop at upcycling. I make a lot of jewelry using natural materials mixed with resin, creating organic looking jewelry. This necklace is actually made with a tree slice and epoxy. I attend a lot of craft shows with my small business Wallflower By Design and have a few pieces posted here on my blog if you want to take a look! 

My earrings are oversize geometric hoops from Forever 21. Ever since I chopped my hair off, my earrings collection has grown tremendously and they've gotten larger, longer, and wilder. They're my favorite accessory to wear and luckily for me they are usually inexpensive.


Makeup wise, nothing too exciting. Just your average uneven winged liner and drug store lilac lipstick. I really wish I enjoyed applying and wearing makeup, but unless I have a special event then I wear the bare minimum. I also should probably get my eyebrows waxed, but you won't judge me, right? 

Upcycled Bird Feeder

Upcycled Bird Feeder

Upcycled Bug Skirt

Upcycled Bug Skirt