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Upcycled Fringe Earrings

Upcycled Fringe Earrings

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Are you all ready for the easiest upcycle ever? Seriously, 15 minuets is all you need to make this cute fringe earrings and chances are you already have all the supplies needed.


  • Old Shirt
  • Fabric Scissors 
  • Thread
  • Jump Rings
  • Earring Hooks

You want to use a shirt that has thin material and looks similar inside and out because you'll be able to see both sides of the fabric on your earrings. I've used this shirt for previous projects and will continue to use it until there's nothing left. 

This was a shirt I picked up from a local Goodwill for 1$. Hair and neck scarves would be another great option for this project because they typically have the same design on the front and back, and they are super cheap at thrift shops.


Cut off a strip of the shirt or scarf approximately 7-9 inches long. It you want super long fringe then cut off even more.

Cut the strip in half. We will only need one portion for this project, the other half can be set aside for future upcycles. Try to minimize how much fabric is wasted, the purpose of upcycling is to bring as much new life into an item as possible.


You will want to cut thin strips from the portion of fabric you are working with. These do not need to be the exact same width, so don't worry about measuring anything out.

I cut 12 strips for each earring (24 total). Stack them neatly on top of each other, this will make adding your jump ring a lot easier.


 Cut a foot or so of thread or embroidery floss and set it aside. I chose to use a coordinating color, but it would be a fun look to use a contrasting color like hot pink.

 Open a medium to small jump ring and place it in the center of all the fabric. Now fold the fabric in half around the jump ring and close it back up. 

 It's now time to grab your embroidery floss or thread.


Wrap the thread multiple times around the fabric as close to the jump ring as possible. Then tie a tight double knot once the fabric feels secure. Snip the thread tails.

Grab your earring hook and slightly open the end of hook with pliers to connect it the jump ring. If you do not have pliers you can reopen the jump ring you used for the fringe with your fingers and attach the earring that way. Both work, so which ever is easiest for you.


Repeat all these steps for the second earring! Enjoy

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