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It is strongly encouraged to have at least two glasses of wine while getting inspired for your next creative project. I swear by it.

Upcycled Bird Feeder

Upcycled Bird Feeder


How flipping cute is this glass bird feeder? It was so easy to make and cost under 15$! What's even better is that you could make a multitude of these bird feeders and they would all be unique in their own way. You can make them larger, smaller, colorful or clear; what ever will fit your garden or outdoor space the best. 



  • 3 glass pieces (read below to know what to look for)
  • Gorilla Epoxy (link below)
  • Hanging Wire (I used 18 gauge with  25lb weight hold)
  • Wire cutters (Scissors will work but can damage the blades)
  • String, hemp, or ribbon not pictured.

You need three pieces of glass to form this bird feeder. The top piece should be a lid or something with a stem. In my case, a small dessert stand. I was worried the dessert stand would be too heavy, but it worked out just find. Keep in mind the weight is a factor, so try and keep it at a minimum. The middle piece should be a sturdy vase or even a pretty wine glass if it is thick enough. I'm a weirdo and chose a stolen Red Lobster shaker that was for sale because I thought it was funny. The base of the bird feeder, where the seeds will go, could either be a bowl or serving platter. 

I got all my glass pieces from Goodwill and just kept trying different looks with different items. Play around in the store until you found something that looks good! The glass cost me 5$ total. Just remember to clean the glass and remove the price tags before working.


To allow your bird feeder to hang you will want to cut two pieces of wire at equal lengths. How long you cut them depends on how low you want the feeder to hang. Mine were cut at just over 1 foot in length each. Take one wire and curl it around the stem making a U shape. Repeat this step for the second wire.


Twist the U shaped wires around each other on each side until you are left with two braided wires on either side on lid. 


Twist the wires together at the top to create a strong loop to hold your bird feeder. If you are a wiz with braiding wire then you can omit the next step if you like the way your wire looks. Just shape it into a uniform loop.


I did not like how the raw wire looked on my bird feeder so I covered it with string. I had this in my junk drawer and just wrapped it around the wire until there was no exposed silver left. If I were to do this project again then I probably would have used a pretty ribbon instead. 


Read the directions on how to use and mix the epoxy. I cut a plastic cup to use as a mixing container. I encourage you to do this portion of the project outside. Epoxy has a strong odor and you really do not want to get this stuff on your nice floors inside.


I used approximately half of the epoxy tube and then set it aside. Using the mixing stick included with the package i coated the center of the serving dish and the bottom of the Red Lobster shaker with the mixture. I then smooched them together and began scooping the remaining epoxy and adding it to the sides to create an even stronger hold.


I then mixed the remaining other half of epoxy into my mixing dish and carefully loaded it onto the top rim of the Red Lobster shaker. I also added epoxy to the desert dish before I smooched them together. If i were to do this project again I think I would have flipped the shaker the other way to make this part a little easier. It worked regardless but I was worried the resin would drip down into the glass. 


The epoxy package claims to cure in 5 minuets... I left mine out for a few hours before I tried to hang it. This bird feeder probably weighs close to 10 pounds, so I wanted to give it as much time to bond with the glass as possible.


Now just add some bird seed to your beautiful new bird feeder and enjoy! 

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