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Upcycled Straw Purse

Upcycled Straw Purse

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I've been looking for a light weight bag that I could sling around while I'm on vacation, so when I stumbled across this yellow and gold straw purse, I knew it was meant to be. I loved that it was big enough to carry everything I needed, but I hated how boring it looked. 


I found this bag at a thrift shop called Value World by my house. They are always running specials of the days and have a color of the week that gives 50% off an item. The purse was originally marked $2.50, but I had a loyalty card that gave me 50% my entire purchase. If you do the math I ended up paying $1.25 for this gem.


If you are a seasoned crafter, you probably have extra floss hanging around your house. My mom gave me an entire Tupperware full of DMC floss, so I just picked some bright fun colors. Just be sure to have one color that matches whatever bag you are adding the tassels to.


  • Purse/bag/clutch
  • Crafting Floss (as cheap as 19 cents at craft stores)
  • Needle
  • Fork
  • Scisors
  • About an hour and a half of your time

Step 1: Cut a few pieces of your coordinating bag color about a foot long. Split the floss into 3 sections of 2 strands and set them aside.


Step 2: I used five different colors for the tassels and made two of each colors (except for blue). I cut two strands of each color the length of my wing span. If you want wispier tassels just cut them at a shorter length. 

Step 3: Hold one end of your floss at the bottom spoke of your fork and begin wrapping the remaining thread around the fork until you run out. Keep in mind that you want to finish wrapping with the floss pointing downward.


Step 4: Grab one of the strands you set aside and wrap it around the top of the floss a few times. Once the thread is snug you can tie it off in a double knot.

A tip to make this step easier is to only use one tail strand to wrap the tassel. Hold the other one snug leaving about 2 inches to tie off with.


Step 5: Remove the tassel from the fork and trim the thread tails.

Step 6: Put your scissors in between all the loops at the base of your tassel and cut. If you have any strands that are longer than other, just trim away! 


Step 7: Repeat the steps until you have as many tassels as your little heart and purse desire.

I had a pattern in mind before I started making the tassels, so I knew how many I needed of each color. So either plan it out ahead of time or if you're using only one color then approximate how many you will need!


Step 8: Thread a needle with the coordinating color floss and bring it through the center of the top loops of the tassel.

Step 9: Thread your needle through a small portion of the bags fabric at the location you want the tassel to hang and pull it through.


Step 10: Thread the needle back through the top loops of the tassel. You should now have two tails on either side of the tassel. If you pull on them it will tighten the floss to bring the tassel flush with the purse.


Step 11: Bring the tails up through the the floss loop you created with the needle and pull on them to tighten the tassel up onto the bag.

Step 12: double knot to hold the tassel into place


Step 13: Repeat this process until you have applied all the tassels!


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